Shri. Chainsukh Madanlal Sancheti is well known for his selfless service, commitment, devotion, dedication and patience in Maharashtra’s political arena. We also know him as a veteran leader who plays a vital role in strengthening his organization, from Jan Sangh to the Bhartiya Janata Party.

Devoted to public service, this young student kept progressing against all odds and difficulties, first from ABVP to Jan Sangh, and then BJP. After surviving a tragic accident and being saved by a passerby, he resolved to dedicate his life to public service. He was first elected as a municipal corporator, and then, in 1995, as a Member of Legislative Assembly for five consecutive terms. He also served the state as vice president of the party, which speaks immensely to his fine leadership qualities.

His skill in reciting poetry and knowledge of languages including Marathi, Hindi, Rajasthani, Tamil and English, were have been put to good use during his travels throughout the country as a star campaigner for the Bhartiya Janata Party.

Today, he actively serves the people and works for the cause and vision of his party. He is a beloved public figure due to his personal connection with the people, his care for their griefs and pains, his participation in cultural events and relentless efforts towards development.

Family Background

Shri. Chainsukh Madanlal Sancheti was born to Shri. Madanlal Sancheti and Smt. Madanbai Sancheti on 16th December 1953. He is fondly known as “Chainubhau” amongst the masses and is also termed as ‘The People’s Man’. His father and his uncle were devoted members of the Jan Sangh, ‘Swayamsevaks’ of the RSS, and amongst the founding members of the Bhartiya Janata Party. His uncle, Shri. Kisanlal Sancheti, was also a Member of Legislative Assembly from Malkapur. Shri. Chainsukh Sancheti is happily married to Smt. Ujwala Sancheti. She is his strong support system and has bonded her family with ever-growing love and care.

Educational Qualification and Student Life

Shri. Chainsukh Sancheti completed his primary schooling at Aadarsh Vidyalaya, Malkapur, and earned a Bachelor of Science (Bsc) from Dhanwate College, Nagpur. Later he secured his Master of Science (MSc.) in Organic Chemistry from the Institute of Science, Nagpur. During his MSc, he completed research and studies related to Thiazolin Isometric Compound.

During this time, he frequently came into the presence of Hon. Shri. Pandit Dendayal Upadhya and was deeply moved. He was actively engaged with the ABVP, participating and leading several protests, morchas, and agitations.

The friendships that sprouted during this period continue even today. During elections at Nagpur University, Chainubhau, along with Hon. Shri. Nitin Gadkari, led severals sabhas to campaign for the ABVP across the entire Vidharbha region. These two friends and their individual journeys are still connected, and their special bond of friendship has surpassed several milestones in their lives.

Sportsman Spirit

Shri. Sancheti was a fine wrestler and has participated and secured several titles in the sport in district and state competitions. He secured Nagpur University’s “Mr. University” title back then. His fitness helped him survive and recover from the aforementioned life-changing near-fatal accident. As an athlete, he understands the needs of a sportsperson and the importance of physical fitness.

This is why he always motivates people to religiously follow and believe in preventive healthcare. He envisioned and successfully ran missions like “Gav Tithe Vyayam Shala” & “Taluka tithe Krida Sankul”. That means that every village should be equipped with a gymnasium and every Taluka equipped with a sports complex. There are several sports, yoga, health checkup events conducted in his constituency throughout the year.

Memorable Moments

Party leadership and senior members have always played father-figure roles in Shri. Sancheti’s life. The incidents below are but a few of the memorable moments with the leadership that moved him from within.

Hon. Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a chief guest at a public meeting in 1983 of which Shri. Sancheti was the convener. Just before his speech, Shri. Vajpayee asked the young convenor, “How much time have I been allotted?” To that, Shri. Sancheti

replied: “This is your meeting (Sabha), all the time is yours.” Then Shri. Atalji imparted a great teaching that Shri. Sancheti has never forgotten. He said: “As per the rules, the meeting convenor is in charge and is responsible for the allotment of time for such meetings, so kindly let me know how much time I have to conclude my speech.” Laughter broke out onstage, and people were wonderstruck by the humility of a leader of this stature. Shri. Sancheti remembers this episode well, and it has kept him humble and grounded.

Another such incident that speaks of his service to his party and its leadership: at Ayodhya in 1992, the police were ordered to charge at public protest and control the mob. In a photograph, Shri Sancheti is seen protecting Hon. Shri. Lalkrishna Advani, ignoring the injuries he sustained during this struggle.

After the devastating earthquakes that struck Gujarat in 2001, Shri.Sancheti re-constructed several schools in the district of Bhuj, Gujrat, He was honoured and applauded by then Prime Minister Hon.Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.This again shed light on his nature of being first responder for the people in distress, such incidence of his care for patients can be seen by thousands in his constituency.

Many such events and incidents have hounded his skills and trained him to be a better servant of the people. His cultural, religious, constitutional contribution to the society is vast as a human being and as a Member of Legislative Assembly for Malkapur for consecutive 25 Years.


Chainubhau is Member of Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra, having represented Malkapur Constituency since 1995. During these years he has been serving his people to help them live a better life, been a loyal and dependable asset to his party, and lived up to the legacy of the Sancheti family. His lead increased multifold after first being elected as an Independent candidate in 1995. In his latest win in 2014, he had lead of 26,000 votes over the first runner-up. Only a handful of leaders can claim such record in Maharashtra. Following the teachings of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS), he dedicated this victory to the people, party workers, the party vision and its leadership, only worrying about doing justice to his responsibilities and dreams for the people of the state.

Year Winner Party Votes Runner Up Party Votes Lead
2014 Chainsukh Madanlal Sancheti BJP 75,965 Dr.Arvind Vasudev Kolte INC 49,019 26,946
2009 Chainsukh Madanlal Sancheti BJP 61,177 Shivchandra Tejrao Tayade INC 49,190 11,987
2004 Chainsukh Madanlal Sancheti BJP 48,719 Dr.Arvind Vasudev Kolte INC 45,898 2,821
1999 Chainsukh Madanlal Sancheti BJP 47,192 Jamadar Rashidkhan Yusufkhan INC 30,346 16,846
1995 Chainsukh Madanlal Sancheti INDEPENDENT 39,492 More Sahebrao Sadashiv JD 26,472 13,020

The Orator

Traveling across the entire nation, to build and strengthen the party. Leading agitations, protest and rallies against the unjust policies of the then Congress led government Shri.Sancheti’s command over languages like Marathi, Hindi, Rajasthani, Tamil & English helped him. His knowledge of religious scripture, focused agenda, sharp selection of words and use of poetry made his speeches memorable and interesting that also made him a star campaigner for the party.

His use of poetry was always appreciated by Hon.Shri. Balasaheb Thakre ji and made Chainubhau recipient of his affection on many occasions he instructed Chainubhau to post some poems for him.

Diligent Persona: Research & Findings

Scholars work tirelessly to reveal the learnings within a subject by deeply studying the subject. After exploring the depths and of a particular subject, they successfully secure a doctorate (PhD) on that particular topic. But choosing a personality as a research subject is unusual indeed – and speaks volumes about the grandeur of the subject.

Shri. Sancheti is one such personality, Dr. Alka Jadhav (Phd) has conducted a study on his work in the legislative assembly and secured a doctorate from Amravati University for her submission titled as “Legislator Chainsukh Sancheti’s Work in Legislative Assembly: A Study”.

In her submission, she presented several facts and figures that affirm Shri. Sancheti’s diligence, his sensitivity towards issues of people of the state, and his struggles with administrators and the then-ruling party. It is evident that he has raised and pursued questions pertaining to farmer welfare, social harmony, poverty, healthcare, public infrastructure, education, sanitation and sports. He executed this while he was not part of the government and mostly sitting in the opposition.
Dr. Jadhav’s thesis is available for download here :

Life’s Mission: ‘Antodaya - serving the poorest first’

Chainubhau has always worked to strengthen the social fabric of society by organizing, promoting, and participating in several cultural, religious and community events. He very closely and personally connects with society via such events to identify needs of the most deserving and economically weakest amongst us.

Floods, famine, earthquakes, medical emergencies and disasters are when people need financial and emotional support. Chainubhau’s sensitivity and emotional leadership uplifts public sentiment and his support is greatly healing for those in distress.

Antodaya is the mission that drives him and his party. This mission says, “Beginning to serve and solve problems of the most deserving amongst us, To uplift them towards a brighter future and happy life.” This mission has already begun and is being shaped into reality under the global leadership of our Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. Playing his own part, Chainubhau has started a helpdesk and support center at the party offices in his constituency where citizens can visit and seek information, file for assistance and follow-up assistance for various central and state government schemes. Recognizing and adapting to changes, facilities such as the ability to submit grievances though an online portal and a mobile application have also been provided for the citizens.

Efforts to address grievances are diligently made with the respective government authorities and during assembly sessions. Recently, people availed medical assistance worth Rs.38.4 Crore through his office via several central and state government initiatives. Chainubhau is keen on developing irrigation facilities, community halls, religious places, modernizing medical facilities, and strengthening public transport.


Chainubhau’s keen focus on job creation, entrepreneurship development, educational and economic empowerment has made him work to revitalize several sick institutions. Several institutions have been formed and are flourishing through his assistance and guidance. These include:

1) G.V. Mahajan Junior College
2) K.K Agarwal College
3) Malkapur Education Society
4) Late Madanlalji Kisanlaji Sancheti Services Committee Adarsh Vidyalaya, Umali
5) Late Shri. Saraswati Bhai Arjunrao Wankhedeksar College, Shellgaon Mukund Ta.
6) Bhikamchand Gandhi School, Savargaon Nehru
7) Adarsh Vidyalaya, Manegaon Tal. Jalgaon Jamod
8) Adarsh Vidyalaya Alampur Ta.Nandura
9) Ashramshala, Waghola
10) Cattle Breeding Dairy Farm
11) Sanjay Gandhi Nirdhar Yojana
12) Dakshata Committee
13) Bruhan Maharashtra Yog Parishad, State of Maharashtra
14) Veer Jagadevarao Co-operative cotton mill, Malkapur
15) Agricultural Income Market Committee
16) Malkapur Urban Bank
17) Mahashakti dairy farm